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The Holidays have arrived and it's time to get dressed up.  For my looks, I will be adding tilts and cocktail hats to up the style factor.  If you're like me, you don't have a huge budget or you just need that extra something to add pops of chic to your wardrobe.  The answer for me is always hats. 
I designed and created a new line of day to cocktail hats and fascinators for our everyday ocassions.  So many cocktail hats are uber formal or not dressy enough.  My speciality are 1930s & 1940s Vintage Style hats.  These toppers are so peachy keen and lovely to add with jeans to cocktail semi formal dresses.

Here's a great look and sneak peek at the new magazine I am launching in a few days - HeathersHatStyle The Mag.  Wool tapered pants with a silk fitted top.  I added a faux fur leopard bolero to up the funky wow factor - a bit Gucciesque.  I love what Alessandro Michele does with Gucci.  His funky mixture of eclectic modern with vintage style is dreamy.  This is my version.  I designed and created the whole outfit.  My secret is using vintage patterns and then altering them to fit my designs.  What I really love about this look is the lace pussy willow tie at the neck and the Peacock bluegreen felt tilt hat.  The pop of color in the hat accented with the brown just works.  Don't be afraid to pop some color that doesn't match your outfit, it adds an element of surprise.  These little gems of hats are available in my Etsy Shop.  This hat is Meet Me At Bergdorfs; it just reminded of a bit of socialite uptown style.  The great thing about these little hats they can be worn with many different looks from your closet.  They are one size and sit on top of the head like the Doll Hats of the 1930s & 1940s.  A hair comb attachment underneath provides a secure fun way to attach it to your hair and head.

There you go, the beautiful hat adds just the right pop to a look.  Wearing fashion hats is so much fun.  This can take you into the night.  Hats are great investments for those special ocassions in your life like clubbing, dinner parties, holiday parties, weddings, fashion shows, concerts, brunches, and so much more.  Invest in some great hats and it will add so much to your looks.

Heather l Sonrisa

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